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How will we work with you? 

Starting with the edge pieces helps to shape the puzzle.


Through inquiry and collaboration, we help clients reach their goals – large and small. Our approaches are well thought out and marry research, theory, experience, and the specifics of a client's situation. We use custom models that define effective organizations, teams, and individuals. This framework guides our plan and helps organize the information we discover. Our curated assessment tools are grounded in research and provide context for the journey ahead. A few of the assessment tools and models we build off of: 



We collaborate with clients to interpret discovery results. As authentic partners in change, we focus on root causes. With a clear understanding of the situation, we work together to design a path forward. Sustainable change is achieved when clients are equal collaborators in the process. 


We are thoughtful in our approach and partner with you to ensure actions align with your organization. We appreciate the challenges of change for many people and allow for reflection and learning. We don't believe in random acts. A random act is what we consider one-off efforts not founded in any solid reasoning. They are typically panic-driven decisions and often influenced by the urgent demands of people that do not understand the strategy. 



We work with clients to determine what success looks like before we begin. Relevant performance measures are agreed upon and evaluation occurs along the way. Sustainable change takes time and evaluation must be consistent and occur regularly. Evaluation supports results-driven efforts.

We'll partner with you to uncover the root causes and design a customized solution together.

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