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Team Wellness Check

Take the Pulse of Your Team and Receive Quick Fixes



Even the most involved and communicative leaders struggle to know what is really going on in the trenches. Leverage this free wellness check for a glimpse into the nuances of how your team functions. Learn what is working well and opportunities for learning and growth. Discover small tweaks that could have a large impact and consider long-term strategies to support your goals. 


Choose From These Wellness Checks or Partner to Customize

  • Remote Wellness Check

  • Communication Wellness Check

  • Productivity Wellness Check

  • Creativity and New Idea Wellness check           


Additional Details

     Who:     Wellness checks are relevant for any team, regardless of size, function, or industry

                  Team leader and a sample of team members participate

     What:    Wellness check to take the pulse of team functioning 

     Where:  Via phone or Zoom

     When:   Any time! A wellness check could align with planning but does not have to!

                  Time commitment: 15-minute team member participation; 45-minute team leader participation

     Why:     Receive quick fixes to elevate team functioning and employee satisfaction

                  Set longer-term goals and discover a path to achievement

     How:     Email Michelle at


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