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Herrmann Brain Dominance Index

Reinvent with Whole Brain Thinking



Whole Brain Thinking is the theory behind the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). Whole Brain Thinking is based on years of tested research and describes one’s thinking preferences. Unlike many assessment tools that claim to determine your strengths or weaknesses, the HBDI presents an understanding of a person’s preferred modes of thinking.


What Will Whole Brain Thinking Mean for Your Organization?

  • Access to data grounded in research that can help solve business issues

  • A language for personal and professional development and relationship building

  • A way of thinking that helps provide a lens to help understand how others see the world

  • A vision to shape the future of your teams and organization

  • Benefits that are scalable and a tool that can be implemented in stages across teams, departments, and organization-wide           

Why We Like the HBDI

The HBDI is your tailored guide to incorporating Whole Brain Thinking into your personal and professional lives. Whole Brain Thinking is easy to apply and a positive way to appreciate all types of Thinkers. The HBDI is scalable and beneficial at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Whole Brain Thinking teaches you to stretch yourself in ways that support your goals.


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