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Leadership Versatility Index

Reinvent with Versatility



In today’s fast-moving economy, organizations need versatile leaders to guide employees and teams through a landscape of ambiguity, complexity, and disruption. The Leadership Versatility Index (LVI) develops versatile leadership by building a repertoire of skills and behaviors that expand the leader’s and organization’s ability to read and respond to change – and even get out in front by being the disrupter instead of the disrupted.


What Will Leading with Versatility Mean for Your Organization?

  • Recognizing when overused strengths become weaknesses and don't drive effectiveness

  • Adopting a leadership philosophy synthesized with 100 years of research in management and psychology

  • A way to develop leadership capacity with consideration for how to lead and what to lead

  • Leaders will have a 360 view of their presence and influence           

Why We Like the LVI

Unlike other leadership assessments, the LVI offers a 360 behavioral-based view and its unique scale allows leaders to discover when their strengths are being overused and where there are opportunities to shift their approach. By evaluating what a leader focuses on - strategic or operational - and how a leader leads - enabling or forceful - there is developmental direction to support sustainable growth


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