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How do we stand out among other options?

We sort the pieces to help align the fit.

Why We Are Unique

We care.

We're not afraid to ask or answer the hard questions.

We're not afraid to say no if asked to do something we don’t believe in.

We're not afraid to ask for help.

We're transparent and believe deeply in reflection and analysis … knowing why is important!

Our training and experience provide multiple vantage points to the issues we face.


Beliefs Guide Our Practice

Why is the most important question – strategy and goals are the core of why. We are conduits through which clients can deeply discover their situation and partner with us to design a path forward - our job is to help you reach your goals, not reach them for you; this is the essence of sustainable change.

Working with an organizational psychologist is different from traditional profit-only philosophy. Our approach requires all the voices in the team or organization. We believe all voices must be heard to design and reach goals. Our approach ensures the identification of the organizational dynamics of power, authority, and privilege.

We believe the best leaders are those who recognize their areas of strengths and weaknesses. They openly solicit support for their areas of weakness, striving to learn, and accepting when they need others to act. We believe the best employees agree to defined responsibilities and realistic expectations. Leaders and employees will be their best through self-discovery, self-care, and self-awareness.

We believe that research, theory, and experience inform practice.

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