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Improve Communications

Teach managers to consider the what, how, who, and why of each communication

How often have you left a meeting with your manager and thought, “What just happened? What does she want me to do? Why am I doing this?” Managers are the glue that keep organizations ...

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Enhance Learning

Learn from project and timeframe after action reports

Do you ever find yourself in the storm of a project and feel you’ve been there before? Do you wish you could remember what happened the last time so you can either avoid or repeat certain actions? Do you then ask around and learn ...

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Strengthen Collaboration

Ensure the right hand knows what the left hand is doing

Have you heard yourself say, “I wish they would do their part,” or what about, “I thought that was my job,” or even, “I don’t think anyone is responsible for that?”

These are all signs that collaboration could be improved on your team ...

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Expand Inclusion

Invite everyone to the dance

Think about a time when you felt included. How did you feel in your heart, your head, your stomach? Now think about a time when you didn’t feel included or felt excluded. How did you feel in your heart, your head, your stomach? ...

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